Scout Company (Big Bass Drum)

When you hear the sound of the big bass drum,
Then you’ll know that the Scouts have come!

Chorus (sung after each verse):
     For the Scout company is the best company,
     That ever came out of the land of the free!
     S-C-O-U-T is a good Scout
     Come along with me, be a good Scout
     (Soloist: Tra la la la la)
     (Soloist: Tra la la la la)
     We eat oysters, raw, raw, raw! (alt. We are Boy Scouts, rah, rah, rah!)

When you get a line on a new recruit,
Dress him up in a khaki suit!


When you hear the sound of the morning call,
Get out of bed if you have to crawl!


Don't you be asleep when the mess hall blows,
You'll find where it is if you follow your nose! Chorus