Old Hogan's Goat

There was a man
By the name of Billy-O
He had a goat
And that was all

One day his goat
Was feeling fine
He ate six red shirts
Right off my line

At first I cursed
And then I swore
That this old goat
Would eat no more

I grabbed him by
His wooley wooley back
And tied him to
A railroad track

Well the 8:15
Was drawing nigh
Old Hogan's goat
was doomed to die

He gave three shrieks
Of mortal pain
Coughed up the shirts
And flagged the train

The engineer stopped
Got out to see
What this red sight
On the track could be

And when he saw
It was a goat
Got out his knife
And slit his throat

And when the goat got to heaven
Saint Peter said
"Old Hogan's goat,
where is your head?"

The goat replied,
"I cannot tell.
It must have slipped
Straight down to

[song ends abruptly without the last word being said]