Boy Scout Summer Camp

Summer camp is definitely one of the main highlights of every Scout's annual camping experience. Camp Lowden provides many acres of outdoor fun and excitement. Scouts can earn or begin many merit badges while at camp, and Scouts have many opportunities to learn skills they otherwise may not have a chance to earn. Some of our popular activity areas include the following:

Practice your Archery skills!
Rifle Range
Practice your Archery skills!
Archery Range
Cool off in our Pool!
Swimming Pool
Handicraft Lodge
Waterfront area on the Rock River
Nature Area
Nature Area
Test your skills on our Climbing Tower!
Climbing Tower

Camp Lowden also has the following program support services:

Amphitheater style Council Ring

Full service Dining Hall

Health Lodge with
certified medical assistance

Well-stocked Trading Post for Scouting,
camping and personal supplies

Challenging Tier 2 adventure program
for experienced Scouts

Chapel with both Catholic
and Ecumenical Services
Complete Quartermaster area

Large showerhouse with flush facilities
and hot water showers

Other Important Information

Family Night

First Class Express
Camp Lowden's First Class Express program is designed to help first-time campers and those Scouts who have not achieved the First Class rank. On a "participate as needed" basis, Scouts can complete First Class requirements as they take part in organized, fun-filled activities throughout the week. Special attention is given to helping new Scouts understand the Scouting program. Plenty of time is scheduled for practice and perfection of newly acquired skills. Scouts enjoy extra assistance during instructional swimming, shooting, and handicraft times. At the end of the week, leaders are provided with a list of completed requirements for each Scout.

Tier 2 Adventure Program
Our Tier 2 adventure program offers the more experienced Scouts a challenge beyond the normal activities of summer camp. The program is designed to be a compliment to the regular summer camp schedule. Qualified Scouts can take part in as little or as much of the program as they desire. This provides older Scouts the opportunity to continue their summer camp rank achievements while adding a touch of adventure to their weeks stay. Depending upon group interests and activity availability, our program includes hikes, sail boarding, river rafting, canoe trips, fishing trips, obstacle course, climbing tower, and/or zip line.

Medical Exams
All participants are required to have an Annual Health and Medical Record form completed by a physician. Click here to download the form.

Merit Badges
Camp Lowden offers a wide variety of merit badges that can be earned during summer camp. On Sunday night Scouts will meet the merit badge counselors. Scouts generally plan their schedule based on their interests and prior camping experiences. Whether or not a Scout will successfully complete a merit badge is often determined the first two days in camp. Scoutmasters should know where their Scouts are every day and regularly check their merit badge program. Progress reports for each Scout will be available at daily leader meetings.

Schedules, Summer Camp
These are tentative schedules and are subject to change based on staffing availability, etc.: COMING SOON!
  • Camp schedule - the overall daily camp schedule
  • Climbing Program schedule
  • First Class Express schedule
  • Merit Badge Categories - a guide to the degree of difficulty for merit badges and activities to assist Scoutmasters in helping their Scouts in planning their schedule
  • Merit Badge Guide
  • Merit Badge Schedule
  • Tier 2 Adventure Opportunities
  • Merit Badges and Activities - By Location
  • Zipline Release
  • Stronghold Waiver
Menu, Summer Camp
Click for the camp menu

Summer Camp Leaderís Guide
Click here to view the Summer Camp Leaderís Guide

All of the physical features of camp are tied together and utilized to their best potential by a professional qualified and dedicated camp staff. The camp staff has a good mixture of the wisdom of experienced, older staff members as well as the new ideas and enthusiasm of younger first-time staff members. The staff includes an active counselor-in-training program for those who want to get their first taste of the camp staff experience. The result is a camp staff that blends together well to provide campers with a tremendously challenging long-term camping experience. Find out how YOU can be part of the camp staff!

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